Nadia Talent: Publication abstract

Dickinson, Timothy A., Eugenia Lo, and Nadia Talent  2007. Polyploidy, reproductive biology, and Rosaceae: understanding evolution and making classifications.  Plant Systematics and Evolution. 266(1-2): 59-78.

The relationship between polyploidy and breeding system is of critical importance for understanding evolution and improving the taxonomy of large Rosaceous genera. Reviewing the data available for the family and for tribe Pyreae (formerly subfamily Maloideae) in particular, it appears that hybridization, pseudogamous gametophytic apomixis, polyploidy, and self-compatibility are closely linked. Studies of the evolutionary significance of any one or two of these factors need to consider the others as well. Taxonomic decisions likewise need to be informed by knowledge of how these factors affect patterns of phenetic and genetic variation.


Last modified 17 April 2014